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jD91mZM2 (formerly "LEGOlord208")

Many years ago...

I was interested in theater and joined some Theater club thingy outside school.
Not sure how to describe it without it sounding stupid

I was interested in lego and I started creating brickfilms, lego movies or whatever
they were actually called, all day long

I got a YouTube channel. I had no idea of a name, so I asked mom.
She had the idea "Lego Lord". Of course not available, so I added some numbers
Also, the lego logo is written with capital letters, so it gotta be LEGOlord208, right...

A friend told me to get Minecraft.
"No" I believe I said.
"If I'd get it, I'd get the DEMO version" (Is there even one btw :3)

A long time since then, the club thingy showed the Theater we worked on
for our parents and whomever wanted to come.
In the car home, dad said he was going to give the family Minecraft (back in good old 1.5).

Together we chose a bad username.
I played it for some time, and I was addicted immediately

I told all my friends about it the first thing I did when I
came to school the next day. I also asked "How do I open doors", "Is it possible to build a roller coaster",
"Can you build an elevator".

I started looking at Minecraft videos on YouTube on a non-touchscreen device
later (because I had no touchscreen). I couldn't even like, comment or subscribe on
that version. But I started watching, first Swedish, then English.

I stumbled upon dragnoz, and I looked
through all kinds of videos, sometimes even twice or three times.

I got a tablet and watched hundreds of videos suddenly. It still happens I find
old channels I un-subcribed from. I watched TONS. CNB, Adam Clarke, et.c, et.c
But with all those tons of videos, there was always one video by dragnoz finishing the day, and making it perfect.
He is actually the main reason I know English at all.

Many years later, I stumbled across MCEdit and Filters. I immediately wanted to make one.
(Which I was never able to do before losing interest, by the way)
Some guy in the comment section told me to learn python, so I did.
Even though that comment was wrong (because you obviously also need to know the MCEdit API),
That's when I realised the beauty of programming.

I dropped lego somewhere around here. Also I dropped Theater, too. Somewhere around here
I also got my own Minecraft username

A long time later I started hating Scratch (I never actually tried it, I just watched videos et.c)
and I wanted to know more and more languages.
I got a book about HTML, people told me to learn C++, but for myself, I thought. One day I'll learn
Java and create amazing software

When learing C++ I started working on a new programming language.
(You'll see why this is bad later on).
I called it Krake. That was the name of my cuddly toy dragon,
which my mother once again named :P

I decided to go my own route and learn Java, and Jesus I'm in love
(not actually though, love is disgusting) :P
The main reason was to create Bukkit plugins, but later also Forge mods.
By the way, I coded my own mod before even knowing how to install one ;)
With ideas from @Timelord30021, I started on a HUGE mod.
But after some time of bad and inefficient coding (believe me, I sucked),
I started watching a few videos on Java Swing. AND JESUS THIS TIME I'M IN LOVE. FOR REAL.
(Still not actually, though. It's still disgusting :P)

I abandoned the mod and I started working on Java Swing.
Calculators, Text processing software, and much more. All of them badly coded.
(By the way, you can still access them at my Google Sites)
But I learned and learned. Finally, I decided I should make my own programming language.
We do not need another language, please LEGOlord.
Whatever, I made one. Messy code. Named Krake

I made a derpy website on "" (000webhost. REGRETS).
Me and a friend who changes name all the time, so I can't write it here haha,
started working on Krake4You. To be honest, I was the one doing the work.
I called it "3rd party" by the way, even though I was the one who created Krake itself -_-

Krake4You was supposed to sell Krake scripts, even though we never did that :|
We did have a working, but messy chat and login, though

Somewhere here I got Krake and Krake4You hosted at
(via REGRETS... Kind of)

I got less and less interested in Krake, and I started fixing errors and messy
code in my web pages. I dropped Krake4You, because it was too messy, but slowly I
also dropped Krake.

This is about where I am now. I really learned a lot and I have a lot cleaner code, honestly.
I got 1Password to manage all my passwords,
I learned to hash passwords in websites using BCrypt, still better than a few
"professional" websites (unfortunately, because, good god why don't people do that ._.)
The next thing coming here, happened this exact summer, I'm writing this.

The same friend who wanted to make Krake4You now wanted to make "Krake".... But a social media.
I had my own ideas around about the same thing, so I started. He quickly because inactive again though,
so I decided I was going to take the new Krake in my own hands.

It made it's way to BETA. It was a chat program with API and more. A little bit messy code,
but MUCH better. If we compare the HTML from one page in Krake vs the HTML from one page of
Twitter or YouTube and run them in HTML Tidy, Krake have no errors, when Twitter and YouTube et.c have

About in the middle of the summer I dropped the new Krake too. I had worked with that non-stop, and
I had to take a break. Now, at the end of the summer, this exact day I'm writing this,
I abandoned that Krake too, because
But I still have the Krake domain and all my email adresses here, so I built this page today to
fill up the space.


A while later, I changed username to "jD91mZM2". I'll pretend it's random, even though it's not.
But hey, it's a lot better of a name than "lego lord", 'innit?