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TL;DR: Cookies. Press "Got it"

Ok so we don't actually store cookies as of writing this,
but this annoying popup claims the right to do so.
What I refer to as "cookies" is just a way for websites to store little pieces of data.
They are often used to remember settings and who you're logged in as.
Why would you need to know about this? Thank the cookie law.

Fun fact #1: The stupid EU is the one forcing pages to do this.
Fun fact #2: By even entering most pages it's too late.
Fun fact #3: The local storage could be used instead of cookies to bypass this stupid law.

jD91mZM2 (formerly "LEGOlord208")

Hello Buddy! Nice to meet you.
I am jD91mZM2. I'm just another programmer on the internet.
Did you know I have Asperger's? That is why I'm awkward sometimes.

Actually, was that too much information for you? You are probably looking for my software.

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